About us

Welcome to Rush by KIRA, a streetwear brand created by gamers, for gamers. We design top-quality streetwear inspired by our favorite games, characters, and pop culture.

We're a rebellious brand that's always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We believe in innovation and strive to create new and exciting products. Our approach is futuristic and unconventional, making us unpredictable and unique.

Rush by KIRA was founded by two brothers, Sahil and Dhhruv, who used to run India's top Rainbow Six Siege team, KIRA Esports. After their parents passed away during the second wave of Covid, they faced financial stress and had to rethink their esports plans. To honor their parents' memory, they started Rush by KIRA to celebrate their lives.

As gamers, we know that merchandise related to video games in India is often low quality, and publishers rarely bring good products to the market. We've also seen how expensive it can be to import items from Western countries. That's why we wanted to create great products ourselves.